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Best Stores in Boston

Boston offers phenomenal shopping areas from boutiques on Charles Street  to luxury stores on Newbury Street.  Find out more  here.


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What's On Sale in Boston

Now you can find out what is ON SALE in Boston area stores quickly.  You can expect savings up to 90% but act fast and check often as these items go quickly.  Click here...

Schools and Classes

Saks Off 5th clothing site valued at $1 billion in spinoff from stores

Explore over 50 Boston Colleges

Every year, over 30,000 new students make their way to Boston to take up their studies at a local college.  By sheer numbers, this makes Boston one of the most popular college towns in the country.  What are the reasons for that?  Let's have a closer look!  Click here...

Saks Off 5th clothing site valued at $1 billion in spinoff from stores

Find out more about Boston area private schools

Private Schools in the Boston area have a long tradition of excellence and offer a unique learning experience.  There are many reasons to consider a private school and there are many choices in the Boston area. Read more... 

Saks Off 5th clothing site valued at $1 billion in spinoff from stores

Adult Classes

Dozens of adult classes are starting right now in the Boston area.  What an opportunity for you to break out of your everyday routine and start something amazing!  Looking for extra motivation - Read more....


Cooking Classes

Waterfront Condos for Sale

Living in a waterfront condo in Boston combines an ocean view with city-living in one of the most amazing and walkable cities in the world.  Find out more about locations and prices and compare. Click here...


Cooking Classes

Homes for Sale near MBTA Stations

The Boston subway or "T" as it is called here, is in spite of its issues an import lifeline in the Boston area. It gives access to the city without having to hit the congested streets. Many people try to find a home near the T, making commuting easier. Find out what condos or homes are for sale near the T.   Click here...



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Best Outdoor

Boston offers a tremendous variety of outdoor activities.  Within easy reach of the ocean, numerous lakes, mountains and backcountry there is  an unlimited number of possibilities for Summer and Winter activities. Read more...

Cooking Classes

10 Best Bike Trails

Boston is a great place for biking.  The small scale of the city, its diverse history and amazing architecture make it ideal for a biking trip.  You don’t even have to brave the busy city streets as there are many wonderful bike trails. The trails on this list are mostly car-free with only occasional need to cross or follow a busy street.  Read more...

Cooking Classes

10 Best Walking Trails

If you like to walk, Boston is a dream come true.  Amazing architecture, abundant green spaces and spectacular places like the waterfront make it one of the  “most walkable” cities in the world.   Even better, the availability of public transportation gives you added options to explore. Read more...